DigitalWax 028D

Meets the strictest quality standards. Minimizing OR EVEN eliminating the need for post-production machining of models. Ready-made model in just a few dozen minutes thanks to a fast and precise laser and reduce the consumption of photopolymer material.

Features DWS 028D

          • Compact dimensions of the machine
          • Fast and cost-free material replacement
          • Laser BlueEdge
          • Speed and precision
          • long life UV laser
          • Low maintenance costs
Laser source Solid State BluEdge® BE-1500
Scan methood Galwanometr
Build chamber  (X,Y,Z) 90 x 90 x 90 mm
Adjustable layer thickness 0,01 – 0,10 mm
Scanning speed 4300 mm/sec
Software Fictor®
OS System Windows XP Professional
Files .stl – .slc
Ports TCP/IP
Capacity (X,Y,Z) 380 x 515 x 733 mm
Weight 56 Kg
Working temperature 22-25 °C
Working humidity 30-60 %
Power consumption 400 W
Power source AC 230/115 V, 50/60 Hz