DigitalWax 3D printers work in stereolithography technology.

Thanks to the innovative solution – transparent resin tanks, the laser beam passes through the tank curing a thin layer of light-cured resin.

The BluEdge laser source is located directly under the resin tank. It is well protected against mechanical damage because no external agents have direct contact with the laser. This innovative SLA technology, compared to conventional stereolithography, makes the printing process more flexible and more economical, allowing a very fast and cost-effective change of material. By reducing the amount of moving parts and the unique ease of use, the DigitalWax machines are characterized by high reliability and extremely low maintenance costs. The versatility of the DWS Systems 3D printer is enhanced by the rapid change of material without pre-heating and calibration. Machines are controlled by dedicated software that is fully compatible with most 3D CAD systems.

BluEdge® is a Class 3B laser developed by the DWS Systems research and development department.

It is characterized by the emission of ultraviolet rays, which cures layer by layer of photosensitive resin. By using the vertical axis Z control motor, the model on the work tray is lifted and lowered by the appropriate thickness specified by the operator. Z axis movement and laser synchronization allow for the creation of extremely complex and precise three-dimensional prototypes. High flexibility is possible thanks to fast and cost-effective material change, no pre-heating and calibration.

Laser precision. Fast production. Multimaterial.

Innovations from DWS Systems.

Galvanometer is a scanning method Allowing for rapid modeling With high accuracy

TTT SYSTEM (Tank Translation Technology)

It includes an electromechanical device that automatically moves the resin tank during the printing process: it allows local consumption of the reservoir to be reduced by laser beam irradiation in the same tank area, while increasing its durability and efficiency.

Fast material change

Tank Replacement System – allows quick change of material. Easy and safe.