This is a new parametric editor for 3D printers that can import multiple 3D formats; It provides easy positioning and duplication of models on the work tray and the use of advanced tools such as manual or automatic generation of supporting material.

NAUTA + Features

Automatic generation of supporting material: DWS provides many ways of creating supports to facilitate and accelerate work even with complex geometry models.

    • Parametric Engine: NAUTA + tools are parametric, allowing you to modify the results of your work whenever you want.

    • The results of your work are transferred to FICTOR software, a new controller that works with all DWS printers and can produce high-quality 3D models.

FICTOR directly controls the 3D printer by controlling the building material and performing ongoing calculations (dividing the model into layers, compensating material shrinkage, etc.).


      • Transform: pan, rotate, scale, drag to grid.

      • Model information: dimension, volume, area, weight estimation (based on weight of selected material), number of layers and their thickness (to divide the object into layers).

      • Partitioning: dividing objects.

      • Positioning: positioning models, rotating and scaling, moving relative to an axis, moving an object to the work platform and centering it, adjusting the object along predefined directions.

        • Automatic generation of supporting material: automatic generation of supports with optimization of the amount of material used, setting the types of supporting materials and their size, changing the size and number of individual supports.

        • Editing support material: creating support trees, adding and removing supports, editing trees, adjusting size and shape.

    • Automatic base construction: Creates under selected supports or objects, setting the thicknesses, creating trusses between supporting materials to strengthen the supports.

    • Copying: Creating rectangular / polar / mirror reflections of selected objects.

System requirements

    • Language: English (USA)

    • Memory: Minimum 4GB RAM

    • OS: Windows Vista or higher (Recomended 64 bit), MAC OS

    • Screen: 1280×1024 pixel or higher, 32bit

    • Graphics: OpenGL compatible graphics card with 1 GB RAM